My work is all about sharing energy and emotion.

The secret lies within the vibration of sound. When I sing I try to open my body to access to my own emotions, floating deep in the pelvis-area. It’s through my breath – activated by the diaphragm – that my mind and my emotions connect.

If the singer’s body is in balance and “open”, his throat relaxed and his emotions honest and authentic, the created sound will find the right resonance and the artist’s expressions will be natural and real.

By singing in this way I intend to reach out and touch the audience, who is encouraged to open up to the vibrations of sound and emotion.


Who I am

I have decided not to tell you my entire life story, for I believe it’s the present that counts.

My name is Armin Knauthe, I am a creative with a passion for sharing energy and experiencing life in all it’s different facets. As a lyric tenor I travel the world with the intention to inspire and encourage people to live out their own joy and playfulness.

My work as a volunteer for the Aids Dienst Malteser (Austria) is a big challenge and helps me to understand life a little better. In my private time I like improving my rowing abilities, practicing Zen-meditation, and enjoying moments of theatre, clownery and creativity of all kinds.

Already in my childhood days I loved to sing and received a lot of support to develop my talent. These days I like to mix classical with contemporary music in order to also reach young people, to open their ears and hearts to a more beautiful and fulfilling way of living.